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Intent to Murder by Leslie Sands (Thriller)
Intent to Murder by Leslie Sands (Thriller) Intent to Murder by Leslie Sands (Thriller)
Skipton Little Theatre, Clifford Street, Skipton
BD23 2AD
Website: www.skiptonlittletheatre.org.uk

Intent to Murder by Leslie Sands (Thriller) - 16th to 20th April, 2019

Within moments of the opening curtain an explosive situation develops - Janet Preston, a well-known author of mystery thrillers who lives alone in a remote cottage on the Yorkshire Moors, has
apparently killed her estranged husband who arrived unexpectedly while on the run from the police. Before she can get rid of his body, she is confronted by her husband's accomplice George, who
blackmails her into agreeing to pass him off as the dead man until such time as he can make a getaway.

The events that follow are full of twists and excitement, building to an unexpected denouement at the very last moment.
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