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'As Dusk Exhales' Adele Froude Exhibition
'As Dusk Exhales' Adele Froude Exhibition 'As Dusk Exhales' Adele Froude Exhibition
Mill Bridge Gallery, 3 Mill Bridge, Skipton
BD23 1NJ
Email: contact@millbridgegallery.co.uk
Website: www.millbridgegallery.co.uk

Award winning Artist and member of Craven Arts Charitable Trust, Adele Froude returns to Mill Bridge Gallery, Skipton with her latest exhibition 'As Dusk Exhales' which explores the natural wonders of the Yorkshire Dales through a collection of intricate, textural textile sculptures and landscape paintings.

A preview launch event is to be held on Friday 6th March from 6-8pm, normal gallery opening times are Thursday to Saturday 11am - 4pm and the exhibition will run until 28th March, enquiries can be made by contacting the gallery on 07702309144.

Adele, who lives in the Yorkshire Dales, finds endless artistic inspiration from the stunning countryside where she feels most at home. For this series of works, Adele focused her attention upon the latter part of the day and explores her emotional connection to what she describes as a time when the tempo slows, most people have headed home and a soothing blanket of calm descends upon the land. A time when the light softens and birds commence their evening song; swallows dip and dive, taking their fill from the abundance of insects. Rabbits, hares, the fox and others quietly emerge and take a moment to survey the land. As some carry out their final routine before settling for the night, others are eager to commence their nocturnal activities.

Adele, who is an award-winning textile artist for innovation, wanted her intricate and complex sculptures to capture a moment of undisturbed natural behavior of inhabitants such as the hare, fox and swallow whilst her mixed media paintings convey the changing light, colour and textures of the landscape, whether highlighting heather, gorse or scrubland.
It's a time of day which Adele describes as the land taking a few moments to breathe, bringing about a sense of calmness, even as stormy skies may be beginning to form; when land and animals reset and when Adele feels most connected and able to join in with that deep breath and slow exhale.

The combined collection of artworks provides the viewer an opportunity to connect with a moment in time where both land and animal are unaware of human disturbance, thus allowing for a privileged observation of what makes the Yorkshire Dales an area to be protected and cherished.
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